Supplier Evaluation Benefits

Why companies should strategically assess their suppliers?

Supplier Evaluation Audits is a tool that allows companies to measure the ability of suppliers to supply products and/or services as required, as well as to assess the degree of compliance with Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety requirements, among others.

By performing Supplier Evaluation Audits, your organization will also have a database of qualified suppliers, reduce costs from malpractices or non-quality, accurate information on the strengths and weaknesses of their suppliers, so that the company will have greater objectivity in decision making.

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Supplier Evaluation Audits

How can we help you improve your suppliers' performance?

Supplier Evaluation Audits performed by Quara Consulting & Training are executed by professionals with extensive experience in Management System Audits, this allows not only to assess the degree of compliance of its suppliers, but also provide ideas for their continuous improvement.

Evaluation Audits can be conducted under international benchmarks, such as the ISO Standards or with self referential, in this particular scenario, we can help you define it.

We have experience in Supplier Evaluation Audits for Oil & Gas Industry, Automotive, Food and Beverages, among others, in different Latin American countries.

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We assist your organization meet your management system’s requirements, ensure your suppliers’ effectiveness, and to develop policies and procedures for conformity assessment.

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