Resource management

Why this course?

Why take this course?

The intention of a good resource management is to ensure that organizations provide the necessary resources for the establishment, implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system and therefore, obtain an efficient operation; that is why, when determining these resources, organizations should consider performing cost versus benefit analyzes for the provision of these resources, based on risk-centered thinking.

That is why Quara Consulting and Training has designed this course in order to strengthen the capacity to determine the necessary resources to provide, considering their current capabilities and any possible restriction, so that said training will provide the necessary tools to be able to perform a good analysis and transversal application at the level of all the sections corresponding to section 7.1 Resources of the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

You will be able to obtain more knowledge and specialization in topics such as:

  1. Knowledge and effective application of the requirement "7.1 Resources" of the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

  2. Identify and determine resources applying cost versus benefit analysis, through the use of risk-based thinking.

  3. Plan, control, measure, monitor and evaluate the infrastructure, measurement and technology resources necessary for the operation of the processes and the operation and improvement of the quality management system.

  4. Have methodologies and tools for managing resources.

Our courses and tools are adapted and customized to the needs of companies based on the industry and market in which they operate.

You can download the course material, know the content plan.

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